Why Dogs Get Aggressive

Our dogs are always playful and clingy but sometimes there are things that we do not understand that agitate them. A simple gnaw can lead to intensive biting, and if your pup has no proper vaccination, this may lead to health issues and rabies even on humans too. Don’t live in the fear that your pup might attack someone. Here are some reasons why dogs become aggressive:

Aggressive Dog


When a new dog arrives in any household, older dogs tend to establish dominance by growling to the new dog, sometimes, they attack suddenly to show that he is the alpha dog or to let the new dog know that he is the leader of the house. Make sure that you let him smell the new dog first so that he can familiarize the smell and not get too dominant over the new one.

Dog getting his tummy rubbed by his owner



This happens when a dog gets possessive over toys, food, bed, even to their owners. New pups annoy their older fur siblings by chewing on their toys, eating on their food bowl, sleeping on their bed and most of the times; cuddle the human whenever they are playing. Since there is a new dog around the house, he will have a hard time sharing everything with the new one.  Barking and showing off his teeth will show the younger one that his dominance and possession over this things are real and that he is not ready to share his things with him. To establish connections between dogs, let them play together and give them treats to know that what they are doing together is good for the human.


Dogs are usually playful and energetic when their human friends ask them to play, but when you pick them up and start growling at you, they may be experiencing pain or other internal issues. Some issues like stomach pain, thyroid disease, and even rabies make a dog feel agitated. Consult your veterinarian to know if your dog is feeling any pain that may cause his aggression.


Like humans, dogs get scared too. When they are faced with an intense situation, they panic and choose whether to run or fight. Dogs with issues in the past tend to choose the latter. They fight for their protection and try to defend themselves. This may be caused by the trauma they experienced in the past. Your dogs give their trust to you so make them feel that they are loved and supported. Give them comfort so that they would not feel fear.

Stated above are reasons why dogs become aggressive but there are ways to keep them calm as well. The first thing you have to remember is to put time and effort to your pets so that they will not feel lonely. Put your pups to puppy school so he can learn tricks that will help him grow and be fond of other dogs. Also, do not encourage dominant behavior so issues with another dog won’t sprout. Help them learn that sharing toys with pup friends are good and that building friendship with other dogs is good for them. If you adopted an older dog, specify his needs and treat him with love so that he would not remember his traumatic past. As a pet owner, let your dogs feel equally loved and cared for so they will not get jealous of each other.

There is definitely a reason why a dog is being aggressive. Proper assistance and learning are needed to make sure that dogs with aggression issues can change. It may be a long process but it is worth the wait to see that your dog is back to being playful and energetic.

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