While busy and crowded, Metro Manila can still prove to be great for pets if you know where you can take them

Exercise and exploration. These are critical in the development of pets and their continued good health, which is the reason why committed pet owners make time to take their four-legged family members out on a regular basis. Unfortunately, in highly urbanized and populated areas like Metro Manila, a trip to the parks is not the easiest thing to do.

Apart from the traffic and pollution to contend with, there is also the unfortunate circumstance that some public spaces have yet to become pet-friendly, with the Philippines lagging a bit behind with other countries in terms of accommodating of pets in public.

This doesn’t mean there are not great places for pets, however, with several featuring not only wide spaces for pets to frolic in. Some have some basic facilities for the increased comfort of you and your pets, as well as a couple of commercial establishments nearby that are pet-friendly for when you and your four-legged companion/s need to take a breather.


Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City


Image via AyalaTriangle.com


It can arguably get no more convenient than having a park set smack-dab in the middle of what is known as the country’s key central business district. Yet along with being conveniently located for condo-dwellers of the famed Makati CBD, Ayala Triangle Gardens is also an ideal place to go for its pet-friendliness.

A notable place for running/jogging and other recreational activities, Ayala Triangle Gardens is also a common location for pet-centered events in Makati. On ordinary days without such occasions, owners and pets can still be seen at the park taking their daily walks and socializing with other pets and owners. A number of restaurants and cafes are also conveniently located at the park.


Jaime C. Velasquez Park, Makati City


Image via WikiMapia


A couple blocks from Ayala Triangle Gardens is Jaime C. Velasquez Park, another place to consider if you happen to be looking for a pet-friendly place to visit in Makati. The park boasts of wide green spaces for where pets and owners can take leisurely walks in, while a dedicated area with a kids playground is another spot which owners on the young side can spend time in with their pets.

Beside the park is where the Salcedo Weekend Market occurs every Saturday. An outdoor shopping experience featuring a wide variety of food and other items, it can be the ideal cap for time spent with pets at the park.


U.P. Sunken Garden, Quezon City


Image via Wikimedia Commons


Officially the General Antonio Luna Parade Grounds, but commonly known as the Sunken Garden, this space in the University of the Philippines’ Diliman campus is considered a haven for, apart from the outdoor activity enthusiasts who frequent the area, pets. The heart of the heart of the 2.2 kilometer Academic Oval, it does not get any better than the park for pets who like to frolic in open spaces.

While not as riddled with commercial establishments in or around it like other locations on this list, U.P. Sunken Garden allows less distractions, and more time for owners and pets to enjoy the surroundings along with each other’s company.


La Mesa Eco Park, Quezon City


Image via Quezon City government


Speaking of enjoying the surroundings, La Mesa Eco Park continues to be one of the best places to do so in Metro Manila. On top of that, the park is another place that is park friendly. While human visitors have to pay a fee of Php50.00 for each visit, pets are allowed in free of any extra charge.

The things to do at La Mesa Eco Park are not limited to walking and running, as pets and owners alike can always look forward to being able to settle down on one spot of the vast green spaces of the park, bonding and playing fetch, sitting down with the rest of the family for a picnic, or simply enjoying the peace and quiet the park gives but commercial places cannot.


SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City


Image via SM Mall of Asia


While not quite a park in the traditional sense, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City another ideal place for two-legged and four-legged family members to spend time together given the lifestyle complex’s wide open grounds. The area’s pet-friendliness is furthered by the mall operators providing poop bag dispensers and food receptacles in some designated areas.

Of course, anything else pet-owners may require is likely available in the mall, including pet supplies and veterinary services. Indeed a popular place for pets, a number of pet events are held in the area, whilst on regular days cats and dogs can simply take a walk with their owners and enjoy the sunrise or sunset.


Bonifacio High Street, Taguig


Image via Deposit Photos


Another lifestyle complex with designated areas that serve as parks, Bonifacio High Street is arguably the most visited places by owners and their pets. Just a few hours in the area on a weekend is enough for one to be able to see as many breeds of dogs, and even cats, in as little time.

While Bonifacio High Street is the big spot for pets to wander or run around in, surrounding pocket gardens and playgrounds in the area also offer alternative places to spend time in. Like SM MOA, Bonifacio High Street has a number of commercial establishments like restaurants and cafes that are pet-friendly which owners and pets can take a break from playing in.

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