Don’t know what gifts to give this holiday season? Here are a few ideas you can use for your pet-owner recipients that can help you get started

With the holidays nearing, the stresses associated with the season is soon to follow. One of the somewhat challenging aspects most face every year is the gift giving. From having to buy for a number of people, to doing so at the same time as the rest of the country, buying gifts can indeed sometimes feel like a chore. That on top of having no idea of what to give.

To make it a little bit easier, identify which of the people you’ll be giving gifts to are pet owners, and center what you give to them on their beloved animals. Apart from helping you better know what to give them, it also helps ensure that what they receive from you is of use to them, and is a gift that is well thought of.

To help get you started, the following are some gift ideas for different pet owners.


Pet Selfie Stick

Php500 – Php1000


Image via Beyond Limits Live

Image via Beyond Limits Live


One thing about pet owners is not only how much they love their furry companions, but also how proud they are of them. In this age of social media, pet owners not only take photos of their pets, they take pictures with them and often share it online.

A great gift for these types of owners is pet selfie sticks, which not only makes taking selfies with their cat or dogs so much easier but also helps make sure the fur babies are looking thanks to the part whereof the selfie stick which they can attach pet toys or treats to keep their attention.


Raised/Elevated Feeder

Php1000 – Php2000


Image via Trend Hunter


Ideal for cats or dogs which are sloppy eaters, raised or elevated feeders or bowls help keep pets’ feeding areas clean as they dine, as well as help, reduce neck and joint strain for large breeds since they won’t have to stoop down while being fed.

Depending on the size, number of bowls, and the materials used, raised or elevated feeders can cost between Php1000 to Php2000. Some variants are simply raised, while others are more elaborate, with catchers at the base to contain any spilled food or water.


Discreet Litter Box

Php700 – Php2000


Image via Etsy


Most litter boxes look exactly like they sound, like boxes. However, there are also discreet boxes that are available on the market that better blend with the rest of the furniture inside a home, and are perfect for new pet owners who have yet to buy their own litter box.

Fitting in with the rest of the surroundings, a discreet box also embodies how the pet is indeed now part of the home. Expectedly, prices differ depending on where you buy and for what size of pet and home the box is for, so in this instance its best to know the taste of the pet owner you are buying for, and the type of home and pet they have.


Small Animal Hideout

Php 90 – 400


Image via Etsy


Cats and dogs are not the only pets which you can buy their pet owners gifts for. Hamsters, rabbits, white rats, and other similar pets also require a number of supplies which you can consider as gifts. Among the not-so-boring options are small animal hide-outs that can help make the rodents’ cages a little more interactive.

A running wheel is almost always the first accessory bought for, or already included in, rodent cages, but most tend to not immediately have the little hideouts that the critters can settle in and nest and chew. From simple boxes and spheres to those designed like houses, castles, and other intricate styles, there are several to choose from and would simply depend on the size of the cage it will be placed in.


Wall Mounted Fishbowl

Php500 – Php1000


Image via Pinterest


A common desire of most fish owners is having their own wall-mounted tanks. While it may be too much of stretch to buy them that (but you might as well if you want to and can afford it), you can them the next best thing while also raising their fishbowl game with the kind that can be mounted on the wall.

Relatively affordable, multiple walls mounted fishbowls are ideal for fish collectors who need individual bowls for different fishes but may have limited space in their home for the standard bowls. Mountable like picture frames, wall mounted fish bowls are a great way for fish owners to admire their pets.


Pet Services Gift Certificate

Php500 – Php1000


Image via Deposit Photos


We all know that health, grooming, and lodging, are significant services which most our pets require, and can also agree that the best of these can be significantly costly. That is why one of the best gifts to give most pet owners is a gift certificate to their preferred pet services center, which they can use to pay for vaccines, food, supplies, grooming, and even pet-sitting services.

Of course, this would highly depend on if their chosen pet provider even offers gift certificates, which in the case that they do, would likely be in Php500 or Php1000 denominations, or even Php100 in some places. Some also may offer GCs for particular services they offer.


Vaccines/Other Pet Services Appointments

Php250 – Php700 (vaccines)


Image via Deposit Photos


In the event that you are unable to find a pet services provider that offers gift certificates, you can always opt to book and pay for a vaccination appointment or schedule pet services for your gift recipient instead. This, of course, would take a little bit of sleuthing, as you’d have to find out who their preferred pet service provider is, and what their pet needs the most.

Apart from that, the cost would also depend on what service you choose to pay for your pet owner friend or relative. The most basic would likely be vaccinations which, based on The Philippine Animal Welfare Society’s official website, would range between Php250 to Php700 if administered by PAWS.

Main image via Deposit Photos

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