In some countries, February marks the start of Responsible pet owner of the month. We invited Chef Redd to share some of his experience as a Pet owner.

Chef Redd Agustin


Chef Redd with his 3 Golden Labrador Retriever

Chef Redd with Baba, Chyme, and Rainbow


Where did you get your pet?

Chef Redd – Baba is from my second breeding while chyme I bought from a friend when she was 6mos old rainbow I also got from a friend when our other dog Maui passed away a couple of months back.


3 Labradors happily looking

Chef Red’s Pets


Favorite game with your pet?

Chef Redd – with all of them fetch the bigger ones with a tennis ball while rainbow has her own squeaky toy.

How do you relax with your pet?

Chef Redd – belly rubs I would say.

A pet owner and her Golden retriever

Chef Redd’s Wife with Baba


How many pets have you had?

Chef Redd -Before my daughter came I use to breed Labrador and Shih Tzu at one point when we use to have a bigger place I had 6labs 2 goldens and 3 Shih Tzu.


A Girl lying next to her pet Shih Tzu


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