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Dogs are a man’s best friend, they cry whenever you leave home and run after you when you come back. They sleep by your side for cuddles and wiggle their tails as you eat to ask for treats. But are you certain that what you’re giving to your dog is healthy and won’t lessen their life?

Some dog foods that are sold in the market have ingredients that are actually bad for them, some are BHA and BHT, xylitol, nitrites or nitrates, salt, fat trimmings, and food coloring. Some popular brands have these ingredients in their pet food products that can lead to food poisoning and other diseases.

To make sure that your dog’s health is not in danger, why not try to put organic pet food in their diet? Or do these organic pet food recipes that can be done at home? Making your pets tummies full while getting healthier and having a longer lifespan. Organic pet food has benefits that will surely help sustain one’s pet. Organic means ingredients that are antibiotic free, without synthetic hormones, no pesticides, and no preservatives or something that you can get as natural. The advantages of giving organic pet food to your dogs are longer lifespan, better health, prevention of diseases and allergy reduction because what you are giving to your pet is all naturally raised and grown.

Here are some organic pet foods that you can try giving to your pets:


If your dog loves chewing, instead of buying rawhides from the store, try giving your dog a healthy treat by giving him some carrots. Cut the carrots into sticks and let your pet munch away. Just don’t forget to pick the big ones for the small carrots can be a choking hazard for the dogs. Carrots are healthier and way more affordable than rawhides.

Chicken Jerky

As much as they enjoy chewing, pups need to get their protein so they can develop their muscle structure. Chicken jerky can also be an alternative for rawhides. Chicken Breasts are suitable for this doggy snack. Remove excess fat from the breasts, cut it into thick strips, bake it for 2 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making sure that it is hard enough for the dogs to chew, and let it cool before giving it to your dog.

Chicken Rice Balls

For dogs that need stabilization in sugar level, gain weight, and health problems, this alternative is a must try. Brown rice, chicken tender, sweet potatoes, carrots, and some parsley would make a great chicken rice ball for your furry friend. First, make the batter out of 1 big sweet potato; add minced carrots and parsley depending on how much you want, and mixing the three. After that, boil the chicken tender until it can be shredded then cook 1 cup of brown rice. Having prepared all the main ingredients, mix it all together and create a healthy chicken rice ball for your pet.

Brown rice has been proven to help dogs with an upset stomach to regain their strength back and help older dogs to eat more because it can be easily digested. Also, sweet potato and brown rice help pups to lower their chances of having diabetes because they have less sugar in them while still giving that sweet taste.

Beef and Vegetable Bowl

If your furry friend likes meat over vegetables, try mixing some beef organic beef jerky or 100% grass fed organic beef to the vegetable platter. The platter shall contain vegetable of your choice or these; peeled zucchini, chopped carrots, celery, sliced sweet potatoes, and some spinach. Hide or spread the beef jerky to the platter, or if you cannot find an organic beef jerky, replace it with organic uncured applewood – smoked bacon.

Dog Chef preparing Dog foo

Pets can also be fussy eaters and tend to choose what to eat. As responsible pet owners, you shall provide the best care that you can give to your furry friends. One way of becoming a responsible pet owner is by making sure that what they eat is healthy and is beneficial for them. Always be cautious of what you give to your pets.



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