Sad Puppy

Losing a beloved pet can be really hard because the happiness they gave is immeasurable. It was never easy to let go of a family member that you treasured and loved with all your heart. It takes courage saying goodbye to your beloved pet for the last time.

Mourning for your beloved pet can be hard so here are some techniques that may help you, even a little:


Validate your Feelings.

Do not hesitate to cry and let it all out if you feel like it. A study in 2014 proved that crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) that helps people relax. Crying is a natural response whether you’re happy or sad, so don’t be afraid to show how you feel.


Talk it through.

It is best if you share your feeling with someone who understands the pain of losing a beloved pet. There are support groups that can help you cope with loss without the fear of being judged because they will reminisce with you and understand what you are going through.


Take your time.

Do not let anyone tell you to “get over” the loss of your pet when you still aren’t. You are the one grieving, not them. So don’t let them dictate what you need to do and grieve as long as you want to.


Sometimes, people say the “pets are just pets” but to us, they are not. They give us happiness and love that not a human can give. Don’t ever feel that grieving for your pet is too much because your pet loved you and knew that you feel the same way too.

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