Cat happily bathing in a bath tub with rubber duckie

Are you an aspiring cat owner that likes the beach and swimming? Then consider these felines to share your passion for water.

As most everyone knows, most cat breeds despise water. While not necessarily posing a problem since most felines also know how to keep themselves clean, it does sometimes make it difficult to keep them as pets since they likely dislike being brought to the beach and often tend to hide or disappear often during the rainy season.

Of course, not all cats hate water. Jaguars and tigers are known to be fond of water and swimming, and a number of domestic cats don’t mind jumping into the pool, hopping in with you in the shower, or just splashing around their own drinking bowl. If you are a cat person whose lifestyle or hobbies revolve around the water or happens to live by the water or in a rainy locale, then these types of felines may be the right choice of pets for you.




Manx drinking water through faucet

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A breed native to the Isle of Man off the coast of Britain, Manx’s are the personification of island cats, and it is not unusual to see them constantly playing with their water dishes and other collections of water with their paws or even following their humans to the shower. Born with double coats, these come in various lengths and can be in different colors.


Japanese Bobtail


Two Cats sharing a drink through a faucet

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Another feline fond of splashing in the water, Japanese Bobtails are breeds which must be kept an eye on if you own an aquarium, because they will not hesitate to raid it for fish, and are also known to figure out how to turn on faucets and let the water run. Often sporting color trifecta of white and brown on a base of white, Japanese Bobtails can also have other colors.


American Bobtail


American Bobtail Kitten standing on a barrel

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The American Bobtail is said to have come into existence as a result of a natural genetic mutation from another breed, and from that mutation is a short tail and an apparent love for water. The breed features a shaggy coat which comes in short or medium lengths and various color or patterns, and can often be seen dunking its toys or hands in water.




Bengal cat checking a stream of water

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Featuring an exotic look similar to that of its namesake (Bengal tiger), the Bengal is actually the result of the cross-breeding of Asian Leopard cats with domestic felines. While its lengthy existence has already ensured that it no longer retains any of its wild blood, its wildcat heritage is the likely reason its enjoyment of water, and like many of the cats on this list, Bengals would join their masters in the bath or shower if given the chance.




Savannah Cat sitting on top of a scratch post

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Often standing out thanks to its boldly marked coat and long neck and large ears, Savannahs trace their origins from the crossing of domestic cats with Servals, a small variety of wild cats. This makes the breed smart and something of a handful, as well as one which enjoys playing in and with water.


Turkish Van


Turkish Van resting on top of a kitchen counter top

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Nicknamed the “swimming cat” for obvious reasons, the Turkish Van won’t hesitate to explore almost any body of water, be it an aquarium, swimming pool, and even toilet. While legend has it that the breed swam ashore from Noah’s Ark after arriving at Mt. Ararat, swimming does not come naturally for some Turkish Vans, so make sure to look after them as they explore deep waters.


Turkish Angora


Turkish Angora Cat posing for a photo

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The cousin of the Turkish Van, Turkish Angoras look delicate but are similarly characterized by their love for water. Strong and willful, the breed requires plenty of interactive play, which includes playing with running water, splashing in sinks, and paddling in shallow puddles or streams. Leave the faucet or shower running, and be entertained by the Turkish Angora be entertained by the water.


Maine Coon


Maine Coon Cat stepping out of a water bin

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Known as a popular ship’s cat in its native New England as no self-respecting captain left for sea without one, Maine Coons remain the ideal feline companion for journeys on, or in these modern times living near, the water. The breed is characterized by a dense, water-repellent coat that comes in different colors.




Abyssinian Cat drinking water through a faucet

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Energetic and constantly in motion, Abyssinians are often seen jumping up and down, climbing trees and shelves, chasing rodents, and swatting insects. They need plenty of interaction but are commonly not lap cats. They are however water cats, whose unusual affinity for water leads to them also often enjoying large bowls of water as well as running fountains and faucets to play with.

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