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Keeping Teeth Clean for Good Pet Health

    Whether it’s a cat or a dog which you own, you likely keep an outline in mind of the different vaccinations and other medical treatments you would subject your pets to ensure the comfort and health. While it is commendable that you pursue your furry...

The Plight of Pets in Times of Armed Conflict

An unfortunate constant in human history has been the occurrence of armed conflict. Whichever the reasons for the misunderstandings are, be it political, religious, or any other, the common result is people from the war zone tend to be displaced from their homes, or...

PET OWNERSHIP: Are you really ready?

  Just like parenting, people approach to pet ownership differently. The human-animal relationship is malleable in the sense that some people place a distinction on the kind of relationship they choose to have with their pets. Some people...

A Dozen Dog Types to Own When Living in a Condo or Small Space

Condos, apartments, and other homes with a modest amounts of space are common in major cities in the Philippines. Often, the reason for choosing quarters or such a size is that living in places like Metro Manila or Cebu can be significantly costly. While space has to...

Pet Friendly Commercial Centers in Metro Manila

Athough public places being accommodating to pets is not a new concept, the lack of such areas continues to pose a challenge for animal owners who would like to spend time with their four-legged family member in areas that are beyond their respective homes or...

The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Pets help reduce stress. Animals, particularly dogs, are often very helpful in managing high levels of stress. In 2012, Virginia Commonwealth University in conducted a study in which the stress levels of employees who brought their dogs to work, employees who left their dogs at home, and employees who didn’t own a pet were tested.

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